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Quang Bo Bronze Casting Village

Quang Bo Village (Quang Phu Commune, Luong Tai District, Bac Ninh Province) has long been known nationwide as a supplier of bronze mechanical items. Over time, the village’s coppersmiths have developed their traditional craft with hundreds of enterprises involved in bronze-casting.

Products of Quang Bo Bronze-Casting Village, which are mainly bronze mechanical components used in the mechanical engineering sector, have gained the reputation for high quality and diversity. Now, the village’s copper-wares have made their way to numerous industrial parks inside and outside Bac Ninh Province, serving several big mechanical companies and corporations in Vietnam.

According to Nguyen Thi Thuy, Director of Manh Quyet Company, by 2011 the number of enterprises of varying sizes reached a three-digit number, not counting small establishments and workshops which employ only a few workers. It is estimated that up to 75 percent of the village’s households are involved in copper mechanical production.

Each household in the village mainly produces only one main product. For example, Thuy’s company specialises in manufacturing worshipping ornaments and decorations. Others are involved in nuts and bolts, hinges, electric wires, locks and valves. Since they produce different specialised products, each producer can commit time and resources to maximise its effectiveness, promoting its manufacturing capacity and turnout while perfecting its products without risks of local competitiveness.

Thuy said that she inherited the craft of bronze-casting from her predecessors with a small workshop of manual production in the beginning. But due to the impact of the market economy, she found it necessary to update advanced technology and extend the production line so as to meet the changing demands of customers. Therefore, a humble workshop that only produced simple products has developed into a modern one with 80 percent of the production done by machines. The products are thus more diverse and delicate. Manh Quyet Company’s products are now much sought after by both corporate and individual customers nationwide

Each day passes in Quang Bo Village with the lively and exciting working atmosphere that proves its developing potential. The clear-headedness of the villagers has substantially contributed to the preservation and prospective development of Quang Bo Village as a main manufacturing place for bronze mechanical products.