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Luy Lau Citadel was the heart of the area for ten centuries beginning in the 1st century, and is located in modern day Bac Ninh Province, 45 minute by car north from Ha Noi.The citadel's west-east border measures 180m wide and 110m from north to south, according to the report.

The joint report by the museum, in coordination with Japan's University of East Asia, said that this year's goal for the excavation is to locate the border of the western wall, the northern gate and estimate the overall size of Luy Lau Citadel.

This year the archaeologists have found the western border of the citadel, and we can confirm that the inner citadel is located in the centre of the outer citadel, further north. They found some signs of a river, which has objects we believe are dated from 100 BC to the 1st century. The river could be the outer water border of the citadel and, as a result, one corner of the citadel might then be determined.

Speaking at the meeting on Thursday, Dr Ngo The Phong, one of Viet Nam's leading archaeologists said: "More than ten years ago, the first broken piece of bronze cast mould was found by Japanese archaeologist Nishimura.

Luy Lau is the center, or may be called the capital of the country for 40 years (185-225). Sy Photography stance first kanji teaching, spreading the Buddhist center in Luy Lau, was hailed as a learning organization Nam Giao. He built a temple dense system, grab the center tank.

The Luy Lau should be invested, soon restored to preserve the remaining historical value with time, so that future generations learn about a time vicissitudes of history of the country.