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Van Linh Khanh Pagoda is located in the Southern area Tho, Tra Co Ward is one of the relics of the typical value of city Mong Cai has been the Ministry of Culture and Information monuments ranked as a national art in 1999. Chronology build Van Linh Khanh Pagoda has not been determined. According to the invention on the bronze bell in 3rd Thieu Tri (1843) have said in the 15th Dynasty King Canh Thinh Le Hien Tong (1754) has Khanh Linh Tu. Through the stormy vicissitudes of time, the entire inscription, am, the tower was no longer here. But the church artifacts and statues preserved quite sufficient to demonstrate the temple today bordering Vietnam - China should be a religious works contain a rich history and deep cultural values .

Overall, Van Linh Khanh Pagoda was built under the typeface Islam, including major works: gate, The Team, The Model, The Guest. Experiencing the effects of time, until now the temple has been renovated several times, mark the Le disappeared. But here still maintains a system consisting of 53 ancient statues statue were added over the period. Most notable is the statue of Sakyamuni 4 neonates, 2 statue of Guan Yin Tong death and two small statues Tam. Although bordering Vietnam - China, residents living with the interface between Chinese and Vietnamese. But the church artifacts, carved plaques and statues in this system was the skillful hands, crafted by artisans sculpt statues create bold cultural identity of the people of Vietnam.

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