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Kenh Ga hot spring belongs to Kenh Ga Village, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh province. It is far about 1 kilometer from Van Trinh cave. From the Gian Khau (Gia Vien), go over 10 kilometers, tourists will come to Kenh Ga hot spring (Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh). The water flowed from the mountain never stop. Is has existed for a long time until 1940s, the French knew and began to study them, named Kenh Ga hot spring.

From 1960s to 1964s, people came here to get water from spring on treatment; they worshiped it as a spring god, water god. The hot spring is similar to the mineral water of Wies Baden (Germany), mineral water of Capcaza. Water composition has much sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium. Water has no color, stabilized temperature about 530C. In the winter, viewed from a distance, tourists can see the dense fog from the spring. Up to now, Kenh Ga hot spring becomes more famous which many tourists come here and enjoy hot spring.

Kenh Ga hot spring flows from Hang Ca Mountain. This is a natural hot spring of our country. Especially, it has valuable because of mineral resources that nature blesses for land and people in Ninh Binh.

Coming to Kenh Ga hot spring resort, boating on the Hoang Long River, the vast waves, mountains, river, peaceful scenic identity… tourists will feel very relaxed. Kenh Ga hot spring is an ideal destination awaiting visitors.

Kenh Ga mineral spring- water flows from inside a limestone mountain without drilling the ground, the water temperature is about 500C, especially for mineral water here is that water has high salinity. Using this water to bath would have been handled from the disease: arthritis, neuritis, skin diseases and gynecological... Drinking Kenh Ga spring in a long time would have been cured chronic stomach… besides, drinking this water will stimulate the activities of liver, bile. Using mineral water in Kenh Ga can cure many diseases