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Nguyen Cong Truyen was born in 989 at Dai Bai village, died on September 29th, 1060 (lunar calendar). He came from a Confucianism family. He came to live in Thanh Nghe with his parents at 6 years old (now the village is also known as Dai Bai village, Buoi village and also do bronze casting tradition). At the age of 25, he was promoted as King’s aid – de – camps of the Ly Dynasty. After his father died in Thanh Nghe, he resigned from office and took his mother back to his native country. From that time, he began organizing this traditional village with a large scared. He welcomed blacksmiths to repair farm equipment such as hammer, anvil, furnace, etc… Thanks to improved farm equipment, agricultural production has been futher developed.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the village had 5 people having PH.D. degree. After they were promoted as high positions, they were very interested in the organization and expansion of bronze casting production, especially the division of specialized industries with separate manufacturing wards, namely copper pot ward, tray making ward, herb – simmering pot making ward, basin making ward, bronze – leaf making ward, ward specializing in drawing copper wires to make silver goods and a ward specializing in selling goods to supply raw materials and consumer goods. Each ward was focused on a small group for daily production has helped Dai Bai rapidly grow its bronze casting industry with remarkable improvement of copper technology: Getting the clay of the riverbank to build the furnace, getting pond mud mixed with rice ash as a place of copper casting, copper combined with zinc to make brass and invented flux…

Dai Bai village has about 30 enterprises and nearly 1,200 households doing bronze casting, producing and trading commodities from traditional copper and aluminum products. Facing the economic downturn, businesses and households here have taken various measures to promote the development of traditional craft such as product diversification, making joint venture to perform large orders, product promotion, capital support for production, etc.

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Dai Bai bronze casting village

Ancient Dai Bai village, also known as Van Lang, is located on a high ground of the bank of Bai Giang river (a tributary of the old Thien Duc river) 21 km away from Road 18. Dai Bai is well known for its bronze casting tradition. In the ancient time, the village was specialized in the production of bronze domestic products. At the beginning, the village only produced primitive pots, then it produced herb – simmering pots, trays, and basins. The bronze casting developed strongly at the beginning of the 11th century thanks to Nguyen Cong Truyen for his production organization and sample creation. Villagers called him as ‘An advanced master”