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Cu Da village located in Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi, far from the center of Hanoi 20km in the direction of west, is famous for Vietnamese traditional values, architecture and a long tradition of vermicelli making.

Vaulted gates are the outstanding feature in the village. Most roads in the village are laid slanting brinks. Old houses lie close together on road sides. The characteristics of houses in Cu Da are low, deep in length, made of wood, which make them cool in summer and warm in winter. There are delicate sculptures on beams and pillars.

Beside the beauty of many ancient houses and ancestral temples dating back to over one hundred years, traditional handicraft of vermicelli making is also the pride of villagers.

Making vermicelli experiences many stages and requires skillful, steady hands and meticulousness. The material making vermicelli is arrowroot. Arrowroot processing is quite complicated: rinsing into cakes, steaming and drying.

After drying, arrowroot cakes are collected and rolled into the fiber by machine. After being rolled, the yellow vermicelli fiber will be dried again. Smooth yellow vermicelli fiber drying in the sun creates stunning scenery, is like silk. Things make Cu Da village different are ancient architecture, simple living and art in production vermicelli.