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It is said that Dong Cao used to be a wild land with plenty of ancient trees which was home to many animals. It is said that where there are many animals and birds, the land is good to live. Therefore, people around moved to reclaim virgin soil and set up a village. Gradually, the village becomes highly populated and named as Duong O. According to “Geography book” by Nguyen Trai, papyrus making craft appeared in Dong Cao before Tran Dynasty. Almost manufacturing tools were made of bamboo and wood. Papyrus was dried by natural light. Handmade papyrus has no acid so it has long life. Main types of Dong Cao’s papyrus is yellow papyrus paper which is used to make epitaph document, Dong Ho painting pictures; tengsin which is used to roll around battery as a moisture proof layer, to make sound proof layer, heat proof layer, loudspeaker membrane; papyrus to make paper fan, paper to recover ancient books with different sizes such as parchment paper, bamboo paper, tray paper…

At the moment there are only around ten households who make papyrus as demand for papyrus is low. In the past, Duong O village used to be a fire – cracker paper provider to Binh Da village. Since the Government forbid fire – cracker, Binh Da village has changed to provide food while Duong O village still remain its paper making draft. To exist, paper making households in Duong O village discussed and the old people in the village advised that paper making draft can exist for ever, when people still use paper, the village should maintain this most refined craft but should also modernize it. Duong O village has transferred to make writing paper tissue and wrapping paper.

In fact, before Binh Da village quit its fire cracker making craft, Duong O village had changed its craft into writing paper making. There had been the first paper making enterprise in the North of Vietnam in this village. Although production lines and technology were outdated, its products of tissue had relative high quality. Currently, Duong O has a dozen of such village – level manufacture chains, significantly contributing to the development of the village.

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Dong Cao paper making village is located beside the five district Khe Dong Cao village – the village name literally Duong O (Ocean Drive), Phong Khe commune, Bac Ninh city is known for its traditional craft of making Papyrus once famous.