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Diem village (also called Viem Xa village) located in Hoa Long commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. From the capital, Hanoi, travelers along Highway 1B, to the city of Bac Ninh, then turn left, then go up Cau river is to Diem village.

Diem Village is a village in the countryside of ancient Kinh Bac, bold historical and cultural traditions of the Vietnamese village land. Simultaneously, it was home to the folk songs of Quan Ho – one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity recognized by UNESCO.

In Bac Ninh tour, visitors have the opportunity to weld Diem village will discover the ancient relics associated with thrilling legends, watching the charming scenery of non-clouds and enjoy the tunes Quan Ho deep lyricism, the delicious specialties of the region separately.

Entering Diem village, tourists will be greeted by a triple gate covered in moss with the years of the monument to the same cluster Cung temple – Ngoc Well located on foothill of Kim Linh. In this vestige, guests will enjoy peaceful space with ancient trees surrounding lush green shaded simple architecture, ancient.

Also, tourists can also visit the temple to celebrate Mass and enjoy the cool waters, with natural sweetness famous in Ngoc well. According to Diem villagers, the water in the well is flowing from the mountain; more permeable lateritic strata should have specific taste and not every place match.

In the journey of discovery and explore Diem village, Diem temple and the temple of ancestral of Quan Ho Mrs. King is the sights tourists cannot miss the occasion Bac Ninh travel! In particular, Diem temple was built in the late seventeenth century is located on high ground bunch rock southbound.

Guests have the opportunity to admire Diem temple would be to discover architectural art carving delicate, distinctive from the Le Dynasty and was felt majesty, order and solemnity characteristic of traditional village land Vietnam .

In addition, Mrs. King temple – worship the King She also is one of the popular destinations of Diem village. About this temple, visitors will be told stories of Quan Ho folk singing origin and enjoy tunes from brothers and sisters.

In addition, in the village festival of Diem is held every year to express gratitude, deference to King Dame, Bac Ninh tourists will discover the bustling scene, throbbing of Viem Xa village.

Quan Ho Folk singing in Diem village had similarities but also had the distinction compared to many other villages of Quan Ho land in Bac Ninh. These lyrics lightly, slowly … are one of the customs, singing as the ancient tradition of separate features ancient of Diem village.

The Quan Ho tunes of Diem village which are sincere and passionate will be in mind penetrates of visitors, which gives visitors the feeling strange deep and floating, hovering along the sweet singing of brothers and sisters.

Also, in Bac Ninh tour this summer, visitors will admire landscapes Diem rustic village, familiar with the embankment, or the small mountain river, woods.

In the sunset, visitors go to the big field would be watching children play boisterous laugh, take you back to the years of childhood mischief. Space peace, equanimity that will always make you remember the last moments of summer tourism in this village there Kinh Bac!

Visiting Kinh Bac, tourists do not forget to explore and experience the exciting things about history, culture, nature and man Diem ancient village! Let family and friends to enjoy moments of calm in Viem Xa village- traditional village!