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Not as popular as Con Son Tourist Site or Kiep Bac Temple, An Phu Tourist Site and Kinh Chu Grottos in the northern province of Hai Duong are luring more and more tourists with their charm and historical significance.

The vestige is located in An Sinh Commune, Kinh Mon District, about 30 kilometers from Hai Duong City to the east. Tourists can easily reach and contemplate the vestige by both road and water-way.

Cao An Phu Temple, or Cao Temple in the An Phu Tourist Site, is dedicated to the worship of An Sinh Vuong Tran Lieu, father of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan (Tran Hung Dao), and also was older brother of King Tran Thai Tong (1218-1277).

Nestled imposingly at the top of An Phu Mountain at a height of 246 meters, the temple, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, is built, in elegant ancient architecture.

Halfway down the mountain are Tuong Van Pagoda and Thanh Mau Temple. The green of the moss on the seasoned trees makes the sanctuary more peaceful and secretive. Some of green trees have lived for centuries. Like the motifs of other ancient pagodas, the front of Tuong Van Pagoda is a well with clear and clean water year round. Away the pagoda about 100 meters to the east is a large flat ground, called Ban Co Tien (Chess-board for fairies). The pagoda and temple are enclosed by many verdant luxuriant ancient trees. Especially, a 700-years-old Plumeria has recognized the everlasting of this site.

From the top of An Phu Mountain, the Kinh Thay River appears as a gentle silk-band winding around the foot of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain a narrow trail leads to Tran Hung Dao Statue at a height of 200 meters, about 50 meters below the Cao An Phu Temple. Made of green marble taken from Nhoi Mountain in Thanh Hoa Province and standing about 13 meters tall, pilgrims can burn incense to commemorate national hero Tran Hung Dao, or Tran Quoc Tuan, leader of the anti-Yuan-Mongolian resistance wars under the Tran Dynasty.

There is also a 45 meter long bass relief depicting the war against Mongolians in the past.

To the north of An Phu Mountain is the location of Kinh Chu Grottos which is home to mysterious grottos such as Vang (Echo), Luon (Pass through), Trau (Buffalo) and Tien Su (Ancestor).

Kinh Chu Grottos will satisfy tourists’ curiosity. They will be surprised by the preserved artifacts and the mysterious atmosphere here. Kinh Chu Grotto, also called Duong Coc Grotto, has a number of temples in and outside of the cavern not only worshipping Buddha but also Minh Khong Thien Su, Ly Than Tong and Huyen Quang Ton Gia.

There are 53 stone steles which recorded the feelings of forebears visited the site, including of Kings, Lords, Mandarins, Monks and Celebrities. Penetrating deep into the cave, surprise will follow surprise. Rua (Turtle) and Luon grottos seem to challenge one’s compassion of discovering nature with the primitive and fanciful scenery.

In 1962, the Kinh Chu Grottos were recognized as national relics along with Con Son-Kiep Bac Site.

An Phu - Kinh Chu vestige bearing the hallmark of many ages. This place is attracting more and more tourists. It is waiting for you to discover the history and nature beauty of this land.