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Indeed, a comment on the likely basis. As nature endowed, Lang Son in general, in particular the city of Lang Son has that mountain, the river is “charming”. Particularly in the city on two archaeological relics typically Mai Pha and Phai Ve.
Archaeological Monuments mountain current Phai Ve Vinh Trai Ward, have a central location, the eastern city of Lang Son. This is one of the archaeological monument is mentioned much with the other archeological sites in the districts of Binh Gia, Bac Son, Van Quan, Chi Lang and Huu Lung, … Here, the archaeologists has found traces of ancient organisms. In 1914, the French had named the mountain pass Phai Ve Boulevard caves.
Currently, visitors to easily see this monument when to visit, tourist shopping in Tokyo market – one of the largest markets in Lang Son province with an abundance and diversity of designs and categories shall allow buyers are spoiled for choice. By, monuments mountain Phai Ve right opposite the main entrance to the Tokyo market. Then the sports complex, the stadium has been built up Tokyo, which hosted many sporting events, cultural importance. Most recently, the Third League national football takes place from 10 – 24/10/2008 has been opened and held competitions here.

It was at the stadium Tokyo, 1960, Uncle Ho to visit Lang Son and meaningful talks with ethnic minorities Lang Son. To souvenir of this historic event, the Party, government and people in Lang Son has built a memorial president Ho Chi Minh nearby, become a point of cultural activities, traditional educational sense. Also, the city of Lang Son also took Phai Ve named for a road located adjacent to the western foothills, the first point from the south gate of the Tokyo market, the administrative boundaries of two Vinh Trai Ward and Tokyo , as a way to honor, engraved historical events associated with the monument.