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Have you ever seen thousands of big fish swimming in a small stream? How would you feel if you knew that these fish were magic? In Thanh Hoa Province’s Cam Luong Commune it is believed that such a school of ‘sacred fish’ exists and they can be visited by the public.
Back to school: Fish start their day early and go back to the cave at 5-6pm every day.
The stream that is home to the ‘sacred fish’ is about 100m long and up to 4m wide. The water in the stream is clear, clean and stays cool year-round.
Cam Luong Fish Stream (Stream Fish god)
Although I heard ample amounts of stories about the fish, I was shocked when I finally saw them with my own eyes.
Thousands of fish swam around like it was recess. The smallest fish were probably 2kg and the larger ones were probably closer to 10kg. A woman standing next to me claimed that a few years ago, residents often saw fish that were 20kg.
“The fish here are very friendly. In the past, when not so many people visited, we often played with them,” said Ha Thi Sau, a local resident.
“The stream is our main source of water. We take water from here for washing, cooking and bathing. Despite our daily presence, the fish are still not afraid of us. We often touch and fondle them like our pets, and I think that they also like us,” she said.
The fish are biologically related to minnows and carp. The rare species are found in Laos, northern Viet Nam and southern China. They are also listed in Viet Nam’s Red Book because the species are on the verge of becoming extinct. The fish have a dark back and red lips and fins. The fish also have red-spotted tails and silver scales that glisten in the sunlight.