Ho Kieu Bridge Sapa Lao Cai

unny spring sprinkle gold on the line as the Vietnam – China busiest bridge in Ho Kieu meet customers and tourism tenderloin, is at the car, fully loaded trains, many visitors pass. 100-year-old Round Lake Kieu Bridge on March 28, 1998 which spans the banks of the Nam Thi River Green, as a historical witness economically gate.

Ministry of ‘Unified Dai Nam media’ was recorded during the Nguyen Dynasty, in the early nineteenth century, the Lao Cai border gate, the third largest in the country ‘look after the company last week as tax revenue annually collected thousands of ounces of silver ‘. Early decades of the nineteenth century 80 monthly up to 30-40 boats dock plays “Old Chewing ‘. Upstream history of over two thousand years ago, this ancient town is a bustling connecting Giao (Tonkin) with regional countries Fill (Yunnan), Shu (Sichuan) and Body Toxic (India) . Today, archaeologists also found a lot of precious objects of the prosperity period.

Ho Kieu Bridge border Lao Cai – Chinese
To expand the market, March 28, 1898, Hu Qiao bridge was built. April 8, 1910, a large covered market was opened. November 1903, the new market condition in Coc Leu was busy buyers and sellers after Haiphong railway – Lao Gao – Kunming completed (1901-1912).
After the restoration of peace in 1954, Lao Cai border gate to Ho Style bridges continue to witness the hustle and down trains on the economic exchanges between the two countries Vietnam – China, as well as the efficiency and assist with your for the southern battlefield. On 18 scale 5 1993, after 14-year hiatus, the gate is opened, the flow of people, goods flow busiest crossing linking ASEAN with China’s Southwest and Northeast Asia. Besides the import and export services, transit …. here is a place to centralize tourism activities. To respond to a wish of the people of both countries and bridges anniversary Ho Kieu entered the age of 100, was born at Ho Kieu bridge Monday due to the construction of the two countries.