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Bai Tho Mountain is a beautiful limestone mountain located in the city center so tourists of Halong Bay tours can add the trip of discovering the mountain to their schedule. Geological Tectonic of the mountain is special: the half of foothill is associated with the land, the other half is immersed in sea water.
In many places, people can see the mountain in the different shapes such as a lying tiger, a lion which is playing with its prey or the dragon is going to fly.
Bai Tho Mountain used to be called Truyen Dang mountain (Light Projecting mountain). According to the legend, the guards had to set up the fire to alarm the capital if they see any aggressors.
In 1468, in the spring, the 9th year of Quang Thuan, Le Thanh Tong, the grandson of Le Loi, patrolled at the North East Sea, his boat stopped at the foot of Truyen Dang mountain, adjacent to Halong Bay, to drink wine and recite. Touched by the charming of the natural beauty, the poet – King Le Thanh Tong etched a poem on a flat rock, about 2.5 m above the ground, including 56 Chinese characters.
261 years later, in 1729 Lord Trinh Cuong, a famous poet during Le – Trinh period, leaded troops to patrol over there. He stationed at the foot of mountain Truyen Dang. Read poetry of King Le Thanh Tong, Lord Trinh rewrite a poem on a cliff leaning down toward the earth, so it has avoided the destruction of the rain and remains clear and very easy to read.
By the early 20th century, many travelers went to Halong, read these poems they carved 7 more, with all Chinese and Vietnamese characters on the nearby cliffs. There are nine poems now.
Although it is not the highest mountain in the coastal city, the mountains is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Halong Bay. Because of the road to climb up Bai Tho mountain lies in a small alley of the families in Hang Noi street, Bach Dang Ward, so few people know this road. The road is long but steep. Luckily, there are stone steps for you to climb. You can relax and restore your power to continue. On the 2 sides of the road, there are hundreds of plants growing from the limestone cliffs. So, whenever you go to this place, the air is so refreshing. Beside melodiously bird singing, you can also see the goats on the slopes, or monkeys perching in trees.
After about 30 minutes of climbing, you can put your feet on Bai Tho mountain. Apart from the poetry carved on stone monument and flag poles, anyone who has or has not been to Halong Bay will also be overwhelmed by the poetic and spectacular scenery. This seems to be a new perspective even to residents of the coastal city. Standing at the top of Bai Tho mountain, you can see all of beautiful Halong city.
In conclusion, Bai Tho Mountain is the place that you should drop by and contemplate its beauty in Halong Bay tour.

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