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Hoi Quan weaving village
Hoi Quan village (Truong Giang commune, Tu Son town) used to be proud of the romantic Tieu Tuong river flowing through it. Yet, the river has turned into fields and roads of Tuong Giang  commune.
Visiting Hoi Quan, visitors can see the interesting things of the village when they reach the village’ gate. From the gate, the brick paved lane, a unique characteristic of ancient village in the North, leads to village households. Visitors can hear the sound of running spindles of weaving looms in ancient mossy houses. The tradition is that Hoi Quan villages girls when grow up most know every steps of how to weave a small width piece of cotton cloth or a piece of silk to sell at local markets.
Before the revolution in Agust 1945, almost every household has a weaving loom, some families has 5 or 6 weaving looms and had to hire more people to weave. The key products of this village is small width cloth (40 cm), mosquito – net cloth, thick cloth, check cloth, silk, and even medical style cloth during some periods. During the war in the North, the village still maintained and significant contributed to the 9 year war (1945 – 1954). After 1954, when the North was totally liberated, weaving in the village was developed with wider weaving looms and weaving technique was improved from string pulling to feet paddle to weave more cloth types such as calico, plain batiste, check batiste.
Hoi Quan weaving village has currently 900 households (3,650 persons), 90 percent of whom do weaving job. Ten percent of weaving households are big scales weavers. The hardship of Hoi Quan people has helped to maintain the traditional vocation, creating significant incomes to the society, improving households’ economic conditions.
Visiting Hoi Quan, visitor have a chance to visit a culture village which was named as a “village with a good traditions which deserves complementation” by King Tu Duc (1872). Visitors can also hear the busy noise of running spindles and see the hardworking of the local people who work from dawn to dust to create high quality products.